The Rapture
teaser shoot April 8-9 2006
a film by Johnny K. Wu
These are actual screen grabs from the teaser with color correction done.

A cat fight between the 2 Chimaeras Mia (Donna Williams) vs Ydnarb (Brandy Seymour)

Dr. Gutierrez (Annie Kitral) checking her experiment at the lab (note the noise in front of her face is the fog)

Job (Brian Richeson) about to shoot out an energy ball

Jonathan (Kyle Znamenak) locked at the prison

Military Captain Michael (Chandler Chapman, producer) about to strike

Midael (George Michael Tutie) lauching toward his opponent

Military forces striking (left: Eric Ball, Chandler Chapman, Christopher Moe)

Military forces being thrown back by energy ball (pending)
Below are behind the scene photos taken by photographer Nick Brown

Tom Luhtala (producer), the guy who MADE the wings and a lot other props that you will be seeing in the feature The Rapture (he has worked with me since The Chase, A Joker's Card and now this)

2nd unit director Peter Sampson (right reading), blocking the scene with Mia and Job, Cynthia Graham on back left, while Armon Arcuri holding the boom, Don Gregory next to Peter.

Johnny Wu (me) showing Brandy Seymour some minor changes on the form she learned from Tony Brown (in Columbus) so it would figt well when she spars with Mia (Donna Williams). Standing on left is James Orosz and in the back, Andy Sokol (stunt coordinator/producer) patching up the wall for the scene.

Johnny Wu asking 1st AD/Producer, Mr. Jeff Yanik to let him hold the XL1 to check a scene up.

Are they having fun??? Brandy Seymour and Donna Williams rehearsing their fight sequence.

Johnny Wu checking out the scene. Jeff Yanik on left, far behind Johnny is Andrew Spence.

Observing the fight sequence while figuring out how to set angles. left James Orosz, Andrew Spence (on green), Don Gregory (behind Andrew Spence), Bill Johns our Director of Photography, and Andrew Sokol (right)

Another angle shot, from left to right: Bill Johns, Johnny Wu, Don Gregory, Christine Chapman (Makeup/wardrobe/producer), Joseph Shaw (2nd unit makeup/wardrobe), and James Orosz


Minor touch-up and walk-through before actual shoot

Bill Johns giving camera instructions.

Scene shot of cat fight, while Bill Johns observes for the right angle, Armon Arcuri holds boom for background sound.

These are the pullers, we decided to wire 4 people instead of 2, so we have to call upon every help we can get, notice the harness set in front of Armon... from left to right: Andrew Spence, Jim Geier (producer), Dan Gallagher, Armon Arcuri, James Orosz, Kyle Znamenak (our Jonathan)

Here, the wires on 3 of the military men: Starting from left: Christopher Moe, Christine Chapman in background, Eric Ball, and Micah Jenkins.

This is the video village, where we set up 3 monitors to obvserve the shoots.

A great shot of our military force with all the pullers in the back

Check out the sequences starting with this picture:(1)






The military forces striking. Left: Micah Jenkins, Eric Ball, Chandler Chapman, Christopher Moe.


And here's me with 2 models: Karl (left) and Konner