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The Rapture Crew List
The Board of The Rapture LLC 
James V. Geier
Growing up as a comic book reader, Mr. Geier met Johnny Wu during the principal photography of A Joker's Card and later was an instrumental force that helped shape it's success. In addition of involvement with The Rapture in any capacity he can (including Craft Services during production), Mr. Geier has written numerous articles for web-based news website.

Executive Producer
Fight Choreographer


Johnny K. Wu
Based in Cleveland. Mr. Wu has directed features and short films including several award winning projects: Drama Queen Music Video, The Lesson, and A Joker's Card. Wu is also the administrator for Cleveland IndieClub group, a group that meets once a month for over 2 years, providing an opportunity for any individual in Cleveland that has a passion for filmmaking to meet, socialize and to exchange expertise.

Executive Producer

Todd Metzendorf
Mr. Metzendorf was a long time friend of Johnny Wu, during the pre-production stage, as safety was one of the major concern due to wire-rigged stunts. Wu enlisted Metzendorf to help out as on-site Medic, but soon Todd fell in love with the process of filmmaking and had increased his participation to become a force behind the success of The Rapture. He even doing the tireless job of rotoscoping and editing. Mr. Metzendorf is in charged of fund raising and marketing.

Co-Executive Producer

Kyle Znamenak
Mr. Znamenak, a psychology major student, got involved as an actor at early age on stage performance, but his success beganwith the award winning short film A Joker's Card (currently repped by WonderPhil Productions). During The Rapture, Znamenak participated not only as an actor, but his love for acting was shown during the production process where he went and helped with craft services, planning, and other minor but critical roles. Mr. Znamenak is also a talented individual whom is currently working with Mr. Geier in developing one Zombie comedy short film and the next horror/thriller feature Incarnate which will be directed by Wu.

Co-Executive Producer
Actor (Jonathan)
Foley Assistant

Raymond Elkin
Mr. Elkin has been involved with many of Johnny Wu's film project since 2001, he was a critical member for Wu's projects which many of them won awards. Mr. Elkin was instrumental to the success of the production for The Rapture in making sure every cast/crew has enough meal that would help continue the production and making sure everyone's has energy to do their best for the production.

Co-Executive Producer
Craft Services Manager

The Men and Women behind the Force
Jeff Yanik
From Cleveland and having studied at the University of Miami, Mr. Yanik was always interested in films. He already has directed several short films (which also won some awards) including Broken Oath, and is now looking to tackle the producing field and has lend an incredible job with The Rapture's production.

1st Assistant Director
Production Manager

Tom Luhtala
Mr. Luhtala started involved with Wu's film since The Chase, a short 3min martial arts experimenta project. Luhtala later become much involved with the award winning A Joker's Card and has helped create the props and style needed for the film. With The Rapture, Luhtala's job was to make sure the visual effect/props are carefully planned along with the CG work required.

Special Effects Supervisor

Christine Chapman
Mrs. Chapman was also the main wardrobe/costume for A Joker's Card brining out the visual look that Wu needed for his film. Mrs. Chapman is also a filmmaker that has made several short films that showed at numerous film festivals.

Casting Director

Andrew Sokol
A dear friend of Mr. Wu since 1998 when Master Sokol helped with martial arts tournaments. Master Sokol has been the other eye and ears for Wu's project, he has invoved in several Wu's award winning film as stunt coordinator which include A Joker's Card, The Lesson and now The Rapture.

Stunt/Safety Supervisor
Wire-Rig Captain

Chandler Chapman
Mr. Chapman has been involved first with Wu's short film A Joker's Card and from there he has provided many assistence and help making The Rapture possible. Mr. Chapman and his wife Christine, are filmmakers located in Port Clinton, Ohio.

Military Men Trainer

Andrew Schofield

Fight Choreographer

Wayne Orris

Associate Producer
Port Clinton Location Manager


David Perkowski

Associate Producer
Cleveland Location Manager

Russ Emmanuel
Originally from San Francisco, Mr. Emanuel studied film at the University of Southern California. Under his production Company Russem Productions, he has already made several shorts including the award winning Girl With Gun and designed websites for several films.

Associate Producer

Main Crew  
Peter Sampson

Director of Photography
1st Unit Director


William Johns

1st Unit Director of Photography


Aryavarta Kumar
Based in Cleveland. Mr. Kumar has already worked with several filmmakers including composing with excellent score for Wu's A Joker's Card. He entered the music arena in 2002,writing music for independent films, tv, commercials, radio, computer games, and other media.


Anthony Samangy

VFX / Graphic Design Artist

Shamus Dickerson

Graphic Design



Andrew Tubbesing


Jean-Paul Chreky

2nd Unit AD
2nd Unit Script Supervisor
BTS Director

Joseph Shaw

2nd Unit Makeup/Wardrobe

Kathy Fitzgerald

2nd Unit Script Supervisor

Kirk Gaughan

Sound Engineer

Richard Ingraham

Sound Recordist
Sound Engineer
5.1 Mixer Engineering